how old to test drive a car

How old do you have to be to test drive a car? – Updated – Quora

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is there and age requirement to test drive a car. Im in canada so im not sure if the minimum age is different, if there is even a minimum age. BTW im…

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For one thing, if you look like you can’t afford a new car, I’m gonna require a lot more information before I toss you the keys. I’ll still give you a test drive, it’s just gonna take longer to get there. And I like having the collateral of seeing a nice, latemodel car parked in front of the showroom while you’re out testing my car.

How old do you have to be to test drive a car? – Updated – Quora

Of course, any good dealer would allow a 16 year old to test drive if accompanied by a salesman (and probably a parent). To sell a car, the dealer must expect the potential buyer to want to drive it, right? Since 18 is the legal age of responsibility in the USA, I presume 18 is the best answer almost everywhere.

How old do you have to be to test drive a car?

I agree with the insurance part, but you need a G Class license to take a car for a test drive i believe. The reason is that I took cars for testdrives when i had my G1, and recently with my G2 license when i got my new car. Every dealer i went to (In the GTA) just took a photocopy of my license and didnt even …

How Old do I Have to be to Test Drive a Car?

If you are thinking about getting a new or used car, then you’re obviously going to want to test drive it. It’s the best way to see how the car handles and whether or not you are comfortable behind the wheel. Purchasing the car without taking the time to read online auto reviews and properly test drive it could mean that you end …

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depends on their individual insurance policies. some will require a minimum age and even deposit. as much as you can say ‘do you want the sale or not’ they can say ‘show me the money’. 0 … My family were buying a car recently and I was asked if I wanted to test drive but was still a learner at the time.

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2nd time I pulled up in my s2000 again to try the 335i. The second sales person was different and let us test drive with him. Ended up ordering and took delivery two weeks ago 3rd time (during production) I wanted to show my GF the car, the guy we met on attempt #1 was there and knew we ordered a car …

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When you are asked?and you almost always will be?whether you can buy today, you should respond by indicating you are at the test drive part of your search for a new car, and buying today would be unlikely. However, you want the salesperson to think you are interested, and if you have time to do some negotiation, …

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Does anyone know whether or not the testdrive insurance policies for traders generally have a minimum age requirement? Or would it probably depend on the car? The cars I’m looking at are at large used car supermarkets. It doesn’t mention it on any of their websites… I’ll have to phone them up tomorrow …

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First you must be a serious buyer. They don’t waste their time with joy rides. Second you need to be 18 or over, the age at which you can legally enter into a contract, or have someone 18 or over accompany you who would be a cosigner of the contract if you did purchase a car. That is how the sales person …

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