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How many people play fifa? – Quora

To answer this question, refer to the answer of “How many people watch/play football?”. They’re about the same.

FIFA 18 had over 1.6 million concurrent players over the weekend …

FIFA 18 was released just before last weekend, and a lot of people were online playing at the same time on that same weekend. In a trend that we hope…

Does anyone have any idea of how many people play FIFA? How many …

Heard there was 1,347,972 people that have played FIFA 17 Weekend League. Hope this helps solve any issues you may have had. DickyBird88. 80 posts Has Potential To Be Special. January 7, 2017 11:42AM. Blimey! Really i didn’t think it was that much! I just wondered lately how many of us are in this,

More People Play FIFA Than You Could Possibly Imagine – Kotaku

Which means a lot of people play it online. Like, enough for there to be an average of 1.25 million games of FIFA 09 played every day, with 141 million having been played in total since the game’s release in September.

How many people who play FIFA actually watch football? : FIFA

I’ve played soccer for 17 years and played Fifa since it was called Fifa Soccer. I use to only get MLS matches way back when Freddy Adu made his first appearance for DC United. Ventured on to the BPL and have followed ever since. I watch Serie A and La Liga matches as much as I can. So, Fifa did not …

Do many people play FIFA on PC? : FIFA – Reddit

Thinking about getting it for PC and just wondering how many active players there are.

How many people are playing Ultimate Team on FIFA? – Reddit

Plan on buying a Switch next week and plan on getting Mario kart and fifa for my first two games but would like to know how many People actually…

FIFA 18 Had A Lot Of Players During Its First Weekend – GameSpot

FIFA 18 launched on September 29 for all platforms and its release was a big hit, apparently. Electronic Arts has reported that firstweekend peak concurrent users reached 1.6 million across all platforms for the first weekend. That’s a lot of people playing FIFA 18, EA said in a tweet announcing the figure.

Is FIFA 17 still active? How many people are currently playing …

Would you mind giving me the player count? I need to see if it’s more on x1 compared to ps4. I have it on x1 and am thinking of getting a ps4 so player count is integral if i get fifa 17 on PlayStation. XBL:DiscipleOfFir3 Stay in the I am Nisargadatta Maharaj …

FIFA 18 Life Transfers!! How Many people play FIFA 18! – YouTube

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