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Since When is a Box a Unit of Measure? How much confectioners sugar is in a box? Don’tcha love people who write recipes? Your recipe writer probably thought he or she was doing you a favor. Instead of specifying 31/2 to 4 cups confectioner’s sugar, he thought it would be much simpler if you just dumped in the …

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Powdered sugar right out of the box or the plastic bag weighs 4 1/2 ounces per cup, so a 1pound box (or 16 ounces) contains about 3 1/2 cups of powdered sugar. If a recipe calls for sifted powdered sugar, weigh out 4 ounces of sifted powdered sugar to equal 1 dry measuring cup.

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Depends on the box. 1 cup of powdered sugar weighs 4.5 ounces. A 16oz box will have a bit over 3.5 cups.

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If you have a recipe that calls for several cups of powered sugar, you may be questioning what size package you need to buy. It can be helpful to know how many cups are in one pound of powdered sugar.

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Convert how many ounces (oz) of powdered sugar are in one 1 US cup (cup us). This online cooking powdered sugar conversion tool is for culinary arts schools and certified chefs. Convert powdered sugar measuring units from US cups ( cup us ) into ounces ( oz ), volume vs weights measures, including dietary information  …

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A 1pound box of powdered sugar contains approximately 3 ¾ cups of unsifted powdered sugar. A 2pound box contains approximately 7 ½ cups of powdered…

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Domino® Granulated Sugar. 1 packet, = 1 teaspoon. 1 lb. = 2 1/4 cups. 2 lbs. = 4 1/2 cups. 4 lbs. = 9 cups. Domino® Confectioners Sugar. 1 lb. = 3 3/4 cups*. 2 lbs . = 7 1/2 cups*. 4 lbs. = 15 cups*. *unsifted. Domino® Brown Sugar. 1 lb. box, = approximately 2 1/3 cups**. 2 lbs. bag, = approximately 4 2/3 cups**. 4 lbs.

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Hi again, I have a recipe calling for 1 box of powdered sugar how much sugar is in 1 box please; ie. how many ounces or grams the recipe is for home made peanut butter cups and I will post.

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I agree with nutcakes (although I haven’t gotten out the measuring cups to check her math!). …the confusion may have come because powdered sugar used to be sold in boxes by the pound. Many recipes would call for a box or pound of confectioner’s (powdered) sugar. So you knew to use a half box or whole box… ?.

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