how do you say ok in spanish

Can you say OK in Spanish? | SpanishDict Answers

A few options for okay in Spanish could include: Listo, de acuerdo, está bien, claro, ajá! Jan 5, 2012. | Edited by farallon7 Jan 5, 2012.

Okay in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation – SpanishDict

Translate Okay. See 12 authoritative translations of Okay in Spanish with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations.

How do u say ok in spanish | SpanishDict Answers

In spanish what does the english word ok mean in spanish.

Ok in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation – SpanishDict

OK, I will go to the party if you come with me.De acuerdo, iré a la fiesta si vienes conmigo. c. okey (colloquial) (Latin America). OK, let’s go to the movies tonight! Okey, ¡vamos al cine esta noche! d. vale (colloquial) (Spain). OK! I will clean the kitchen. Just don’t say it again.¡Vale! Limpiaré la cocina. Solo no insistas más.

How to Say OK | Spanish Lessons – YouTube

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How to say OK in Spanish – YouTube

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How do you say ‘okay’ in Spanish? – YouTube

How to say ‘okay’ in Spanish? Listen to hear the pronunciation.

Okay – Spanish language learning forums

How does one say ‘okay’ in Spanish? ¿Cómo se dice ‘okay’ en Español? The only way I know how to say it is ‘vale’, but I understand this is used synonymously with ‘that’s fine’, and not in any other context. I would like to know a Spanish word, similar to how one would use ‘okay’ in English, that can be used …

How do you say okay in Spanish? | Yahoo Answers

we allways say okay like in english. but if you want to traslate it, you can say esta bien …

OK – Mexico | WordReference Forums

I agree with Cochabamba, there’s no such word with an exact use in mexican Spanish, you can say estoy de acuerdo or correcto but in mexican spanish ther’s no way to substitute O.K.: we always use it¡¡¡. There’s an expression in spanish from Spain, it’s VALE¡, but in Mexico it’s only used by people who …

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