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Each of those segments is a garlic clove. … When cooking with garlic, you’re almost always using just a few cloves from the head or bulb. A head of garlic (also called a bulb) is shown to the right, with one of its cloves pulled away and peeled.

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Cloves vs Bulbs. When you’re reading about garlic you’ll find references to cloves and bulbs. Knowing which is which is essential both to successful cooking and gardening.

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Garlic Q&A. What is garlic? Garlic is a bulbous plant of the genus allium, which includes leeks, shallots and onions. The most commonly used garlic is allium sativum. What’s the difference between a bulb and a clove of garlic? Garlic is sold in bulbs (or heads). The picture at the top of this page shows a single bulb.

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Everyone else answering is correct about the clove query. When preparing garlic, gently çrush the bulb with the heel of your hand until the cloves break apar…

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The big bulblike (onion like, vaguely) structure is sometimes called as a garlic head. The smaller parts, that don’t really look like cloves, are called as …

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My question might be embarrassingly simple, but is a clove of garlic the whole bulb, or just one of the segments? — J. B.. Hey, had I never asked that question, I would not know either. So thank you for asking, and I am sure there are others out there that are glad you did! A clove of garlic is just one segment …

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Have you ever come across a recipe that called for a head of garlic and you only had individual cloves on hand? This happens to me every time. I typically have garlic already busted up, peeled and stored in the freezer. In the past when I’ve busted up garlic bulbs, I’ve forgotten to count the cloves.

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